The environments, performances, and objects that I create fantasize on the possibilities of the queer body when fused with technology and body modification. The work often comes from a place of obsession and a desire for control. Control of not only one’s own physical anatomy, but of the expectations and perceptions of our body and our identity. In addition, the work reflects on influence and questions the role of pop culture and digital media on our perception of self.
Physical elements such as flesh covered mirrors, prosthetic makeup, beauty products, and evaluation tables are stitched together with digital elements including augmented reality face filters, virtual reality performance, and heavily edited images to blur the lines between our physical and digital presence. These components create a multi sensory experience where viewers become specimens and are encouraged to interact, smell, and  even ingest elements of the work.
I create in order to feel comfortable and confident in my body, as well as exploring the possibilities of my own queer form. My body often plays an important role in the work, guiding and choreographing the viewer’s interactions with the environment. I often recontextualize my own obsessive insecurities in a way that gives me sense of control, often creating a palpable insider/outsider dynamic.